Extreme Sports at Planet Obstacle

Extreme sports

extreme sportsEveryone loves a good fun game of dodgeball, but Planet Obstacle takes sports to the next level! We offer extreme sports for your entertainment and exercise! With daily Super Star games or dodgeball trampoline matches the excitement is endless. Another game we offer for those sports lovers is our Super Slam or trampoline basketball! It brings the intensity of a regular basketball game and ups the ante with trampoline walls for hardcore moves!

Planet Obstacle also hosts rock climbing races on our Galaxy Mountain. Scale the huge wall with varying levels of intensity based on altering color paths. Even with an attached harness the heights can be debilitating in this extreme sport. Try your best to grasp onto the shaped rocks as to not plummet to the ground!

extreme sports 2

We love sports that are extreme, just like the Extreme Sports Company, and to add intensity any way we can! The most hardcore obstacle we have is the Ninja Warrior Course! The course is such a challenge that no one has been able to complete it their first run! There are three lanes for you to race your opponent to victory. There are other areas to blast into adventure, such as our trampoline parks! Coming soon there will be a daring Zip Line to soar across the huge facility after crossing a terrifyingly high aerial rope course. So, come on in and test our extreme sports for yourself, if you dare!

Come and seek a unique workout, with parkour and strength training channels.
Come as a group or class and learn how to make healthier options and be more fit.
Come and create active and exciting memories as a family for a lifetime.

Come walk the sky with us!

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