• FAQ: Walk In Guests
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  • 1. Walk In Guest - What should I wear for a day at Planet Obstacle?

    We recommend wearing athletic clothes and closed toed shoes for your day of fun at Planet Obstacle.

  • 2. Walk In Guest - Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

    We do not allow any outside food or drinks into our facility. Our Sky Café offers a variety of options such as sports drinks, water, juice, coconut water, chicken tenders, burgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza and more.

  • 3. Walk In Guest - Where can I fill out waivers?

    Waivers can be filled out online, through print-at-home, or at our facility using the iPad station in front of our front desk.

  • 4. Walk In Guest - How old must my child be to play?

    Our minimum age to receive an All-Day Play wristband is 3 years old. However, we do offer access to our gated Toddler Area for guests under age of 3 years old for $5.

  • 5. Walk In Guest - Can I leave Planet Obstacle and come back during the same day?

    Yes. Please keep your receipt and make sure you check in with the front desk before you leave and after you come back.

  • 6. Walk In Guest - Can I rent a locker for my day at Planet Obstacle?

    You can rent a locker at Planet Obstacle for a $5 security deposit. Once you return you locker key to the front desk, your $5 will be returned, or it will be kept and used to replace your lost key.

  • 7. Party Guest - What is provided in a party package?

    Depending on which party package you choose, you will have different accessibility to the attractions in the facility. We will provide you with an hour in a party room, a party host who will decorate, serve, and clean your party, pizza, and drinks. You will also have all day access to our park with every party package.

  • 8. Party Guest - What should I bring for my party?

    You can bring in additional decorations to add to the tablecloths, balloons, napkins, cups, plates, and Happy Birthday banner that will be provided by us. You must bring in your own cake, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, donuts, and goody bags for your guests.

  • 9. Party Guest - Can I bring in outside food?

    The only outside foods allowed are cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, donuts, goody bags, and INDIVIDUAL MEALS for those who have allergies or dietary restrictions. Please notify your party coordinator about allergies or dietary restrictions at the time of booking your party.

  • 10. Party Guest - What type of food is offered for parties?

    All parties come with enough pizza for each guest to have 2 slices. We also offer platters such as fruit platters, vegetable platters, party mix chip platters, chicken tender platters, french fries platters, and more! If you would not like pizza, we will price match our platters in exchange for the pizzas.

  • 11. Party Guest - How early should I arrive for my party?

    You can arrive for your party once we open! We recommend having your guests arrive at least an hour prior to your eat time in the party room. You may come into the room to help your party host decorate 30 MINUTES prior to eat time.

  • 12. Party Guest - How can I add on food for my party the day of?

    You must pay for additional food at either the front desk or café first before we can prepare the food. The only food that you CANNOT order the day of are our fruit or vegetable platters. We require a three-day notice for those two platers due to shipment times of the fruits and vegetables.

  • 13. Party Guest - Can I receive my food or drinks prior to my eat time?

    We do not allow early access to the food or drinks for parties due to scheduled preparation time for party food. However, we will provide party guests pitchers of water for the duration of your visit.

  • 14. Party Guest - Do party hosts accept tips?

    If you feel that your birthday party experience was one to remember, our party hosts will gladly accept tips. Cash tips are preferred however, our front desk can accept tips through a separate transaction for your party host.