PLANET OBSTACLE - World’s Largest Indoor Obstacle Park - Trampoline and Obstacle Park

Rules & Regulations

Safety or our customers and staff members is our highest priority and we all work hard to ensure that all equipment rules and safety procedures are design to make our park and your experience here as safe as possible.

Our highly trained and staff members monitor the activities at all times to ensure participants have a safe and enjoyable experience.

We kindly ask all of your to read and follow posted rules and regulations, explain the rules to your kids, konw where your kids are at all times and respect other customers and our staff members.

Please enjoy world largest indoor obstacles park and stay safe.

All attractions are for all day play. Re-entry is allowed but make sure you check in with the front desk before you leave the park and once you have come back. No outside food or drinks will be permitted within the park. Purchased food and drinks will only be allowed in the Sky Café area. Appropriate wristbands are mandatory for each obstacle.

Every participant must sign a waiver. If under the age of 18, participant must have a parent or guardian sign. If you are not participating on any attractions, you may enter the park free of charge.

Planet Obstacle anti-slip socks are mandatory for some obstacles (trampoline, kids ninja course, foam pit, etc.) No grip socks from other parks are allowed at Planet Obstacle. No regular socks are allowed on the trampolines. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory on some of the obstacles. Planet Obstacle will provide closed-toed shoes for use at no extra charge.

Height and weight regulations may restrict obstacle usage. Please refer to individual obstacle rules that can be found at every obstacle.

Obstacle participation is at your own risk. No running. No sitting on trampoline or padded areas. No rough housing or wrestling or shoving. No landing on head or neck. Only perform tricks within your capabilities or training experience. Respect others and be aware of those/objects around you. No weapons or sharp objects are allowed on the obstacles. No aggressive behavior is allowed. No smoking or use of any vaping device is allowed.

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted. Do not participate if you are pregnant, if you are under the influence of any substance, if you have any serious injury, if you have recently had surgery, and/or if you have a heart condition. Always consult with your doctor if it is safe for you to use the obstacles or challenge courses.

Rules and regulations may vary between obstacles. Follow all park rules and any team member’s instructions. Planet Obstacle is not liable for lost or stolen items. By signing the waiver you are agreeing to follow Planet Obstacle rules and policies.